Zbrush and Maya
Hard Surface Robotic Design

Sub D Video Training

8 video lectures on Maya Hard Surface Workflow

Zbrush Video Training

16 video lectures on Zbrush Hard Surface Workflow

Kitbash and Work Files

Alphas, Kitbash, Work Files and Final Models Included
Maya Hard Surface Workflow

Robotic Design Concept in Maya
In this class, we´ll cover the Subdivision modeling method and how we would approach creating a Robotic Bust Concept Design in Maya.

We´ll answer following questions
How to Retoplogize Zbrush Sculpt
How to establish design and form
How to create design variations
Class Difficulty
Suitable for more Intermediate & Advanced Users
Video Speed
Videos have 150% running speed with Live Narration.
ZBrush Hard Surface Workflow

Robotic Design Concept in Zbrush
In this class, we´ll cover the Sculpting modeling method and how we would approach creating a Robotic Bust Concept Design in Zbrush.

We´ll answer following questions
Zbrush Basic Tools Overview
How to establish clean hard surface form
How to combine different workflows into polished result
Class Difficulty
Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Users
Video Speed
Combination of Real-Time Videos and 150% Running Speed with Live Narration.
Video Presentation Preview
Workflow Overview
All videos feature Live Narration and Workflow Insights
2K Video Resolution
Videos presented in 2K resolution for maximum details.
Picture in Picture
Detach and overlay the video player anywhere on your screen.
BONUS! Decimation, Render + All Files & Assets
Alphas, Kitbash Parts, Work Files and Final Models are Included!
Kitbash Parts
Work Files
Final Models
The course purpose is to present and compare two different Hard Surface Design approaches.
One approach is Polygonal Modeling Method, while other is using Zbrush sculpting brushes and tools.
Videos are presented in Autodesk Maya and Maxon Zbrush
Hard Surface Workflow With Maya & Zbrush
Creating a Robotic Bust in Maya
Creating a Robotic Bust in Zbrush
Decimation & Render with Redshift
Work Files in FBX, MB and ZTL Format
Final Models in ZTL, MB and FBX Format
59 €
Single User License
One Time Payment. Prices are in European Euro (€)
Is all content available once I decide to take this training?

All content that is main part of the course is available immediately after signing up. Extras like Decimation, Render Overview and final project files are available a week later.

Is this course suitable for beginners in 3D Modeling?

To a beginner in 3D modeling some topics may seem challenging. The course works on the assumption that we are familiar with the basic 3D modeling techniques and topology rules.

Can I follow the course in Blender too?

Yes, you can follow the content in Blender too. The topology rules are universal and they apply the same in every polygonal software. However some techniques we cover in Zbrush chapter are only specific to workflow in Zbrush.

Can I ask questions in case I do not understand something?

Comment section below the videos is open to any question as a part of a support on the course. In case parts of the videos did not offer enough explanation feel free to ask anything and we´ll be happy to help!

Do videos have subtitles?

Videos will have option to toggle on auto generated closed captions.

Can I download the videos or is this online only training?

This is online only training that contains videos, writen text and images.