Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, things are a bit slow lately around here. No new tutorials or posts so I thought I´ll do a small update on what is currently happening.


I believe around mid-May I started to work on my latest training Hard Surface Workshop, and that took really a long time to make. The goal was to create a full robot within 10 or so hours with real-time footage, covering everything you need to know about 3D. It was almost 3 months in making and I´m already working on new updates so technically it is still a work in progress. Basically I was recording almost every day.


So naturally that training consumed all of my time and there was little left for anything else.

At the moment I will be taking some time off from making any new tutorials or trainings ( there might be few timelapse videos though ), at least until Cinema 4D R20 launches. Then I would like to start by making a new Introduction to modeling training series as the current one it is really outdated.


So in the meantime, I would like to focus more on personal portfolio projects, and continue trying out new modeling techniques cause for a long time now I have so many ideas left unexplored. I´m also building a kitbash library which will be available once there are enough pieces.

I can also share one of the projects currently in making. It is still in the fairly early stage in terms of how far I wanna go with this design, but as inspiration I looked to the old and new versions of ED 209 from Robocop. It is super fun to explore all this shapes so really excited to share final designs.

More less that is it for now and I hope I´ll have more cool stuff to show later down the line in new tutorials.

Wish you all an awesome day!



P.S. There are still 10 days left if you wanna participate in 3D Workshop. I´m there with you every step of the way, so if you wanna register, use code EARLY-BIRD on checkout so get 50€ off.

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