As you´ve probably noticed, there is new content available after very dry three months.

While the website was a ghost town, I was pretty busy in the background with new updates and changes to the content.


In short, I wanted to categorize and organize the existing training for both Maya and Cinema 4D in a more presentable way.


So the current plan is to create 2 modeling masterclasses.
One for Maya and other for Cinema 4D.

Each masterclass is to have both basics and advanced techniques covered with linear learning progression. That simply means we will cover everything from software introduction, basics of theory and topology, to basic and advanced shape exploration.

Here is a small breakdown of what is already changed, and what is still to come.

What is done so far?

Previous tutorial series Quickstart to Maya is now replaced with new videos, covering basics of the software such as interface, general modeling tools like extrude, bridge, deformers, etc. In addition to general tools, modeling a Wacom Pen and a Tablet is also included as a part of this training. This is now categorized as a Class One.


Class Two is a completely new class, which covers the importance of edge flow and topology. The main focus of this class is to establish a strong foundation on which we can slowly build new classes. Any new content that fits into this topic, will be added to this class.


Class Three now covers modeling for beginners. For now, we have How to model a Camera and Earphones courses, but more will be added over time.


Class Four now covers more complex topology examples and shapes. 

At the moment there is only one course available (How to model a Hand Cannon) but more will be added over time.


Class Five now covers advanced modeling techniques and workflow. This class is meant to serve as a workflow guide rather than a step by step guide. To get the most out of this series, having a solid understanding of previous classes would be a great plus.


Class Six is reserved, well, for you.

Videos in this series will focus on student project files with workflow tips. For now, the plan is to make one video per month (depending on how many project files I receive), but if there are enough project files to cover, we might do videos twice per month. This number can vary.

What is the plan for the future?

The plan for Maya includes adding more content over time. For example, these are the topics that will be added next as a free update.

  • Retopology
  • Camera
  • Outliner
  • References and Assets 
  • UV´s
  • Rendring with Arnold


Everything I mentioned above for Maya, will eventually come for Cinema 4D as well.

I planned to complete both Maya and Cinema 4D classes by the end of October, but I´m not sure if everything is ready by the end of the month. 

So, for now, I won´t give any clear release dates. As soon as I have something ready, I´ll let you all know.

Finally, none of this would be possible without your support, discord engagements, critique, and feedback, so I thank you for being such an amazing community!

Until next time!



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