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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by!

So there is a couple of news here. Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya training received a new update with the Retopology chapter. This is a new 2-3 hour course on how to create basic forms in ZBrush, and using the form to create fully polished designs in Maya.

This was a free update so if you already own the course, you´ll find this new chapter under Class Five.


As the second piece of news, Cinema 4D training is finally getting some love. Cinema 4D S22 release has some interesting new features, so the complete month of August I´ll be spending on preparing new content and updating the old one.

If all goes as planned, I expect new Mastering 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D training should be available around mid to end of September.

That is it for now, and here are some Redshift renders from the new Retopology chapter.


Thanks for all the love guys!


  1. I logged in after 2 months away and this was a very pleasant suprise to see. It almost hurts to see such quality content given for free, and even if you charged this I would have gladly paid.

    Thank you for doing this Mario!
    Looking forward jumping into it :)

  2. Sadly this course is really good until midway through the gun tutorial. After that it is all speedmodeling videos and the commentary is very general. The class had more value when you go through the steps with Mario but even slowing down the video and with having done the previous it just makes it not fun. Someone buying your course has not problem watching a 60 minute video and you really just destroy the value. Not to mention you start doing speedmods at the most interesting part. Also the full robot videos are all speedmods.

    You will learn a lot if you are beginning with the first 3 sets of model tutorials, but after that its hard to justify a $60 price tag even with free updates.

    • Fair enough. If you´re not happy, feel free to send me your invoice nr, and we´ll refund you. Your current info does not match any purchase record though.

      But just to give some light on the matter. Class 5 is categorized as a workflow where I assume we are all familiar with general tools and topology. Step by step videos would take too long and I don´t think it’s necessary to explain each step at this point so we can focus on other topics instead.

      One thing you´re not mentioning is feedback and assignments. Assignments to test what you have learned, and receive critique and feedback either on Discord or via videos every two weeks. I would categorize this as the most valuable part since if you learn alone, it might take you much longer to find if you´re working properly or not.

      So yeah, I also would not say it´s worth 60€, cause for some, it might be worth much more. Even with free updates.


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