Hello everyone! It has been a while since I made these videos and it is time for a change.

This series will be replaced with new training for Cinema 4D sometime in October.
If you would like to stay in touch and get notified, please use this form.

See you in October!

Introduction to Modeling in Cinema4D

Featuring over 6 hours of training, we´re gonna cover very basics of 3D modelling.
We´ll start with quick C4D interface introduction, then talk a bit about modeling techniques and modeling tools. Finally we´ll take a look into snapping and topology workflow.

After covering very basics, we´re going to do two practical exercises. Both videos have very simple setup, so if you are beginner to 3D modeling you should be able to follow along without any problems.


Final model is included in the download, and you are free to use it in any way you wish without restrictions or credits.


3D Modeling for Beginners

Wanna try out your skill? In this course, we are modeling simple headsets from scratch. The course is recorded in real-time with step by step explanation.



  1. Great videos, thanks! Only the background music is a bit distracting. Especially since I usually watch tutorials with speed-up playback.
    P.S. bought your training at helloluxx ; )

    • Happy to hear that Brandon.

      But fyi, currently I’m the process of refreshing this whole series with new videos cause some things I do bit different today.

      • I’m almost done with Introduction to 3d Modeling and had planned to immediately move into 3d Modeling for Beginners. Is that still a good idea or should I wait for new videos? Thanks!

        • Hey Brandon, if you´re on last 2 videos (practice) you can safely move on. New videos will have the same topic, just updated :)

          • Nice
            Do you have any plans to when you will update them ?
            I’m starting the serie now
            It’s amazing the ressources you share for free
            Also the price of the paid tuts is really really great

          • Hey man! Yeah I had some delays on this, but it´s coming first on schedule just after I finalize all workshop content.

  2. Hello Mario
    how can i download this course ? i wanted to play this course on my tablet and follow along with you in pc . i can’t play it online and work at the same time . thank you.
    and i wanted to know have you ever talked about rendering in your courses ?

  3. Hello Mario,

    In part 5, you mention at the end that the next part will cover Good Geometry and Anthropology, but part 6 is missing from this page. It instead goes right into subsurface modeling. Is there an error on the page?


  4. Watched most of your videos here, thanks for making them! However, I have found that you are often executing keyboard shortcuts without telling the learner what you are doing. This is very aggravating because we see you execute timely commands, but we are left in the dark when trying to replicate you.

    If I may suggest you also use an on-screen key-press application and explain what the shortcuts you are doing are, that would make this tutorial series x100% better.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Corey, which part are you referring to? I was thinking of updating some videos, so just interested what parts are not clear.

      • Hey Mario,

        I’d have to get back to you on that as I’m almost done with this series and I didn’t memorize all of the instances. They were toward the beginning of the series within the first few videos. I’ll write them down if I re-watch.

        Cheers, and again thank you! You are a great teacher.

  5. I just want to thank you for all these tutorials. A lot of c4d tutorials are geared towards motion graphics, advertisement, particles and such. You have brought to the table exactly what I need when it comes to character concept and modeling. I look forward to more of your tutorials and hard work in this genre.

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