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What Students Say
Anton Baida

I came into Mario’s course after struggling with hard surface modeling for several months. It was hard for me to build systematic knowledge by just watching youtube and reading forums, so I decided that some heavy artillery is required to finally break the vicious cycle of modeling frustration.

Getting acquainted with Mario’s free content got me confident that the knowledge I will be getting with the course won’t disappoint, so it was really a no-brainer for me. After studying for several months I became confident with the topology and edge flow, now I can honestly say that I have built a strong technical base.

Another unique point is Mario’s attitude and engagement, as he is always ready to help and give advice from the professional’s perspective. All in all, the course has been a huge breakthrough for me, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone having a tough time modeling.

Björn Crombach

I started this course with some prior maya knowledge, but regardless of that, I still picked up a lot of things in the first lessons. The Course is very well structured and the videos progress in a good pace.

There is a very in-depth part about topology that teaches important rules and solutions like for example, how to avoid pinching, or manipulating edge flow and much more.

These principals and the practical modeling exercises gave me a much better understanding on SubD modelling with proper topology, that i am now applying in my own projects. I also appreciate the feedback on my work from Mario and the Discord group members, it really is crucial to know if something is right or wrong, to not build any bad habits.

Brian Sellors

I recently finished my first full character project. I started this robot about a month ago, right after I had finished Mario’s 3D workshop.

Mario helped me pick out a design and then I went through the same steps as in the workshop, but on my own.  Before starting the workshop, I had no real training in Cinema 4d other than the free content on Mario’s tutorial page.

Watching videos and tutorials only take you so far and what I really wanted was someone to review my work in a critical way and explain what I was doing wrong. I guess that is the main problem with tutorials; when it comes to creating your own work, it is hard to know when you make a mistake.

I really appreciated Mario’s systematic way of teaching modeling: starting with solving meshes, building kitbash assets, blockout and refinement. I think that going through this process in its entirety is really what helped me understand all the problems, or puzzles that we face as modelers.

Having finished this first character I already feel like I would do things differently, but it is only by going through this process that I see where I could improve.

Alexandre Nquyen

For me, Mario’s Training have been a really good reconciliation with modeling. I love how the courses are organised, and the way the explanations are getting clear right from course one to course six.
Over the Masterclass you’re getting a lot of tips that are really useful with solid examples. At the end I really felt I had a solide base to increase the difficulty of my personal projects. The big pro, for me, is the community inside the discord channel. It is really active and always willing to help.

In my opinion this is what makes you go forward in your art, finding your mistakes, correct them then never stop doing. And Mario & the community is always there to help you make your models reach the next step. So if you want good foundations for your modeling skills, you definitely want to follow these courses