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One of the common questions in chats or comments or even emails is about where to find ideas and inspiration for either kitbash parts or general hard surface design.

There is no real answer here as you can find inspiration anywhere really. Even if you open your PC and check how cables connect into a graphics card… there are some interesting shapes to be discovered. It all just comes to what is inspiring to you.

But here I´m going to share a few sources I usually visit and save to Pinterest boards. This all comes to personal preference, and your idea of inspiration will probably be different than mine, but since I´m sharing, my search is mostly focused around automotive design. If I need kitbash parts, I would search for keywords like car parts, motorbike parts, city bike parts, car interior, etc.

As for general forms aside from typical robot inspiration of which there is a lot on artstation for example, I find that concept cars and sports cars (sport bikes too) can be an excellent source of inspiration in robotic design so will share a few sources.

On a side note, I tried to credit each image but for some, I could not find the source, unfortunately. If you happen to know the original creators, feel free to let me know so I can properly credit them.

I do not own any images shared here in this post, they serve as inspiration only.
All images © Respective copyright holders.

That´s it for now guys, until next time!



    • Not sure if I understand what do you mean by too much? I usually have a general idea of where to start and in most cases, it is very simple shapes. Over time the simple idea evolves into more complex one, so I would use resources like this to populate and distribute the details. Cars can help understand the form, proportions, details distribution, and other engine like parts, to fill either the gaps or “steal” the small parts and use them in your designs.

      Hope this makes sense :)

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