Introduction to Maya Modeling Tools

Hello everyone!

This is only a small preview of Class One from Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya training.
In the full course we continue with modeling the tablet and rendering the complete scene and much more!

Interface and Navigation

List of most commonly used hotkeys in Maya (default)


Selection Tool Q
Move Tool W
Rotation Tool E
Scale tool R

Rough view 1
Smooth preview 3
Wireframe 4
Shaded Display 5


Cut Tools

NOTE: Around 09:15 min we start to talk about edge flow and maintaining the curve. Typically we would NOT add multiple edges on cylinders to maintain the flow of the cylinder. We would add more divisions to the cylinder instead. This example is only for demonstartion purpose to show how Edge Flow & Edit Edge Flow option works on maintaining the curve of the object.

Snap Tools/EditPivot

List of hotkeys.

Snap to points  V
Snap to grids  X
Snap to curves  C
Move, Rotate, Scale Tool snapping  J

Enable Pivot  D

Loading Reference Images

Here is the list of hotkeys I used in the videos. Star symbol (*) represents my custom hotkey.

*Move E
*Rotate R
*Scale T
Subdivision On 3
Subdivision Off 1

Bevel CTRL+B
Extrude CTRL + E
*Multi Cut M
*Insert Edge Loop I
*Target Weld W

Group Objects  CTRL+G
Repeat Operation  G
Edit Pivot D
Isolate Selection CTRL+1 
Hide Selection SHIFT+H


  1. Hello, can we have the solutions for the assignments posted? I want to refer to the ones I am not being able to solve just so I know how to do it.
    Thank you

    • Hello Deepak… there are no solutions to the assignments. Solution will be formed and based on your understanding of topology, surface structure or various situation where topology is going to be implemented. Everyone will have different approach so “solutions” will vary on situation to situation. Try to do your best, based on information provided in Class Two, and what do you think would be the best way to get the most optimal results.
      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi
    i want to buy the course, but i need to understand if there is subtitles? i’m not so bad in english but maybe I could not understand everything and could be heavy to learn and watch at least.
    Thank you

  3. I am a francophone and I arrived on your site by chance.
    You are so clear that my primitive English hone to understand you. :-o.
    The whole design of your work is magnificent. Simple effective and direct. : -o
    In addition to that, you have a sense of extraordinary presentation.
    I hesitate to train with another trainer but after following your Wacom tablet, I am convinced.
    This weekend and I invest in your training on maya because before, I have to move. I can’t wait for OMG * _ *

    google translate :p

    Je suis un francophone et je suis arrivé sur ton site par hasard.
    Tu es si clair que mon anglais primitif siffis à te comprendre. :-o,
    Tout le design de ton oeuvre est magnifique. Simple efficace et direct. : -o
    En plus de cela, tu as un sens de la présentation extraordinaire.
    J’hésitez à utiliser un autre formateur mais après avoir suivi votre tablette Wacom, je suis convaincu.
    Ce week-end et j’investis dans ta formation sur maya car avant, il faut que je déménage.
    Mon dieux, j’ai hâte * _ *

    • Hello Antonio,
      thank you so much for your kind words! It is always nice to hear that the work invested in training helped someone!
      To answer the question, yes rendering with Arnold will also be covered very soon.


          • Ok I understand … I consult you the following, in the Maya master class you model all classes only with Autodesk Maya or do you use some modeling plugin? … additionally I ask you in the other classes you also teach the whole process from beginning to end like this tutorial?

          • No plugins were used, and yes all classes are made with native Maya tools. Also yes, all classes are made the same as this one. :)

  4. Great tutorials! When I finish these I will definitely be buying your Maya courses. I was also wondering how to install the custom UI for Maya 2019. In Documents I don’t have a 2019 folder. Just a projects folder. Looked for info online and only saw videos for customizing your own UI.

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