Hello everyone! Its time for a change!

This series will be replaced with new training for Maya sometime in September.
If you would like to stay in touch and get notified, please use this form.

See you in September!



To install the interface, you will need to replace the 2018 folder in Documents – maya folder.

Here is the list of hotkeys I used in the videos.

Move E
Rotate R
Scale T
Subdivision On 3
Subdvision Off 1

Bevel CTRL-B
Extrude CTRL-E
Multi Cut M
Insert Edge Loop I
Connect components K

Isolate/Solo Object CTRL-1
Shelf On/Off Alt-K
Delete All History Alt-T

Enable Edit Pivot D
Target Weld W
Snap to Grid X
Enable Snap Rotation J
Repeat previous action G


  1. Great tutorials! When I finish these I will definitely be buying your Maya courses. I was also wondering how to install the custom UI for Maya 2019. In Documents I don’t have a 2019 folder. Just a projects folder. Looked for info online and only saw videos for customizing your own UI.

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