3D Modeling for Beginners – Headsets

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Software requirements: Cinema 4D r18 (recommended) and Arnold for Cinema4D
Video Resolution: 1920x1080p
Format: This is stream only video content, available at any time from your My Account page.

Course page has closed discussion area for everyone willing to ask questions, share their progress or provide feedback.
Final model is included



Hello everyone!

In this new tutorial series, we´re going back to very basics and cover the process of creating headsets in Cinema 4D.  In this 3 hour session, you will learn how to approach a 3D model creation and deal with situations and challenges that one project of this size could hold.

Here are general topics covered in this tutorial.

Getting familiar with basic modeling tools in C4D
Preparing our references.
Planning our modeling workflow.
Establishing primary shapes and general landmarks.
Establishing secondary shapes.
Preparing model for detail stage.
Detailing and finalization
There are 10 project files included with this tutorial. in case you would like to follow along or try and recreate the process by using same files I use in this course. The final model is included.

Difficulty level: Beginner



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