Hello everyone!

Welcome to Modeling a Shank from Destiny in Cinema 4D tutorial.

In this free tutorial series, I wanted to cover a workflow on re-creating a small Shank from beginning to end. We will focus more on the general shape blockout and refining, rather than going full into detail. Hope you find it useful.

Let´s do this!

Here is the list of hotkeys I used in the videos.

Move E
Rotate R
Scale T
Subdivision On/Off Q
Snapping On/Off Shift S

Bevel M-S
Extrude M-T
Loop Cut K-L
Line Cut K-K
Slide Edge M-O

Live Selection  9
Rectangle Selection  0
Loop Selection  U-L
Ring Selectio U-B
Path Selection U-M


    • Primeiro, o que essa pergunta tem a ver com o post? E outra, o site e o conteúdo é todo em inglês mas sua pergunta está em português e sem nenhum sinal de educação… Mostre mais respeito pelo autor destes incríveis conteúdos.

  1. Mario, when scaling script to circle proportionally you can just hold shift a few times and repeat the process for each hole to get them exactly the same size. I tend to be a bit ocd about symmetry and repetition so i use shift a lot when scaling or using the line cut. Thanks for these amazing tutorials!

  2. Hey Mario,
    Thank you so much for this series and all of your other tutorials, I’ve learned so much from them! I consider you to be the best source of Cinema 4D modeling tutorials on the internet. I can’t wait until you start integrating ZBrush and Substance in future lessons. Just a small nitpick that I have, I prefer it when you record your tutorials live instead of narrating after the fact. I know you’ve stated that it is easier for you to do it this way and I can completely understand why. Anyway, you’re doing a fantastic job! Keep it up!

    • Thank you Rossen, very kind of you to say that. Yeah at the moment it is easier just cause of the language barrier, and I can remove unnecessary content to save time without the struggle of doing a new recording. But that is only the case with longer sessions. Regular 10-20 min topic tutorials I still do live commentary.

      Thanks again!

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