A Complete Beginner to Advanced 3D Modeling Training!
Latest Content Update: June 1st 2020
59 €

30+ Hours of Training!

Each class has 10 or more video lectures, covering Modeling, Rendering, Project Breakdowns, and Student Projects.

Get Feedback!

Get in-depth critique and valuable feedback on your progress, and avoid bad modeling habits early on.

Monthly Videos!

This is a continuously evolving training. New videos of student work, workflow tips and projects are added every 2 weeks!
CLASS ONE / Intro to Maya

In this class, we are going to get ourselves familiar with general modeling tools in Maya.
Our focus here is to learn how to use the software and its tools.

What you will learn?
  • Maya interface in detail.
  • Maya modeling tools.
  • Topology and basics of edge directions.
  • How to model a Wacom Pen.
  • How to model a Wacom Tablet.
  • Project files are included for practice.
  • Rendering with Arnold.
  • This class contains multiple courses.
Class Difficulty
Suitable for Beginners.
Video Speed
Step by step. Real-Time with Live Narration.
CLASS TWO / Mastering Topology

In this class, we are going to get ourselves familiar with the theory and the basics of clean topology. Our focus is to establish a solid foundation and understanding of general modeling rules.

What you will learn?
  • General overview for SubD and Non SubD Modeling techniques.
  • How to handle edges and their behavior flows in SubD modeling.
  • How to handle and avoid common mistakes like pinching and distortions in meshes.
  • How to master Edge Flow redirection techniques.
  • How to approach design in 3D modeling stages.
  • We will practice Edge Flow with multiple examples.
  • How to understand Topology.
  • Project files are included for practice.
Class Difficulty
Suitable for all levels.
Video Speed
Step by step. Real-Time with Live Narration.
CLASS THREE / Modeling Simple Objects

In this step by step tutorials, we´re going back to very basics and cover the process of creating a Camera and Earphones in Maya.

What you will learn?
  • How to model a Camera, Earphones or any object.
  • How to plan your workflow.
  • How to establish your shapes and genaral landmarks.
  • How to establish secondary shapes.
  • How to add details to models.
  • How to render with Arnold.
  • Project files are included for practice.
  • This class contains multiple courses!
Class Difficulty
Suitable for Beginners.
Video Speed
Step by step. Real-Time with Live Narration.
CLASS FOUR / Topology in Complex Shapes

In this step by step class, we´re going to explore more complex shapes and topology while designing a weapon from only a silhouette.

What you will learn?
  • Blocking out weapon silhouette.
  • How to refine the shapes.
  • How to establish supportive edges.
  • How to get clean topology on complex objects.
  • How to establishing proper edge flows.
  • How to approach the detailing process.
  • Rendering with Arnold.
  • Project files are included for practice.
Class Difficulty
Suitable for Beginner / Intermediate users.
Video Speed
Step by step. Real-Time with Live Narration.
CLASS FIVE / Workflow for Complex Objects

In this course, we´re going to focus on hard surface workflow in Maya, and how to approach and tackle even more advanced designs.

What you will learn?
  • Introduction to the techniques we´re going to use throughout the course.
  • How to refine the shapes before adding details.
  • How to do propper supportive edge loops.
  • How to work with panel breaks and where to add them.
  • How to work with curves.
  • How to approach the detailing process in complex objects.
  • Rendering with Arnold.
  • Project files are included for practice.
Class Difficulty
More Intermediate / Advanced techniques are covered.
Video Speed
Workflow explanation. 2x the speed with Live Narration.
Retopology for Hard Surface
  • ZBrush Basics
  • How to create basic ZBrush Blockout.
  • Export Sculpts to Maya
  • Basics of Retopology.
  • How to re-topologize base mesh imported from ZBrush.
  • Blocking and detailing robotic design.
Class Difficulty
More Intermediate / Advanced techniques are covered.
Video Speed
Both Realtime and 2x the speed with Live Narration.
CLASS SIX / Assignments, Critiques & Feedback

Learning alone can be hard!

If you ever wanted to have an in-depth critique and feedback on your work and your progress, this is the class where you can get all of your questions answered.

Valuable critique and feedback on your work & other students in video format.
Review videos on Homework and Assignments with workflow tips.
Access to growing Kitbash Library.
Access to closed student community.
New videos every 2 weeks!
Video speed in the trailer does not represent the video speed of the actual content.
Master Production Ready Modeling Techniques!

50+ Project files!
New videos every 2 weeks!
Access to closed student group!
Valuable Critique and Feedback on your progress!

Six Classes plus Live Help for only...
59 €
Prices are in European Euro (€)
What Björn Crombach says about his experience with the course

“I started this course with some prior maya knowledge, but regardless of that, I still picked up a lot of things in the first lessons. The Course is very well structured and the videos progress in a good pace.

There is a very in-depth part about topology that teaches important rules and solutions like for example, how to avoid pinching, or manipulating edge flow and much more.

These principals and the practical modeling exercises gave me a much better understanding on SubD modelling with proper topology, that i am now applying in my own projects. I also appreciate the feedback on my work from Mario and the Discord group members, it really is crucial to know if something is right or wrong, to not build any bad habits.”

Björn Crombach, Germany

What Alexandre Nquyen says about his experience with the course

“For me, Mario’s Training have been a really good reconciliation with modeling. I love how the courses are organised, and the way the explanations are getting clear right from course one to course six.
Over the Masterclass you’re getting a lot of tips that are really useful with solid examples. At the end I really felt I had a solide base to increase the difficulty of my personal projects. The big pro, for me, is the community inside the discord channel. It is really active and always willing to help.

In my opinion this is what makes you go forward in your art, finding your mistakes, correct them then never stop doing. And Mario & the community is always there to help you make your models reach the next step. So if you want good foundations for your modeling skills, you definitely want to follow these courses.”

Alexandre Nguyen, France

What Izeyhec Morris says about his experience with the course

“Mario’s Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya is hands down the most useful and informative class I have taken for modeling.

Like many tutorials, Mario teaches you the process of modeling several objects that progressively increase in difficulty. However unlike many tutorials, Mario’s course covers everything involved, from the basics of what each tool does to the concepts that are often overlooked when teaching modeling like controlling your topology and altering your edge flow. And Mario even goes into why any of these things matter.

Mario’s teaching of hard surface modeling is unparalleled. What he teaches in recognizing, solving, AND understanding errors in your model is what has made this course truly valuable to me. On top of the amazing content Mario provides, he is also very active in Discord always willing to help when you need it.

Additionally Mario has built a community where other students taking his course are also involved and willing to provide help. If you are a student looking to learn or an artist looking to improve, I highly recommend this course”

Izeyhec Morris, United States

What Alejandro García Martínez says about his experience with the course

“When I started my first reel as Environment Artist using Maya I found my limitations in SubD modeling designed for VFX and a professional pipeline. And that’s when I decided to buy this course.

Now I am correctly learning the basics of hardsurface modeling, my assets have improved significantly, and now, thanks to Mario teaching to have an efficient topology, the rest of the pipeline processes (UV’s, Texturing) are faster processes. In fact, in this course you will also learn how to make good renders in Arnold to show your work !! The videos are very didactic.

He teaches you the different ways to reach the same result, but explains, step by step, why he chooses a concrete way of doing things and why he is more efficient than other methods. He doesn’t just do it, Mario is very careful when explaining the details.


When you have just watched the first 3 or 4 videos you check that it has a lot of sensitivity to communicate. From the topology in generic cases, to how to deal with the modeling of different assets with the different phases (blocking, etc).

In addition, in the Discord channel a very beautiful community is coming together, where not only Mario is waiting to solve any doubts you have, to propose new challenges and ways to solve problems. The other students are always attentive to help whenever possible. I never believed that for this price I would find so much knowledge and companionship.”

Alejandro García Martínez, Spain

Is rendering included, or is only 3D modeling covered?

Both 3D Modeling and Rendering with Arnold is included in this training.

Do I need to pay extra for new updates to this training?

No, all updates are free, including new courses coming to classes, like Modeling a drone, Modeling a racer, Intro to UV´s, etc.

I am a beginner to 3D modeling, can I still take this course?

This training is very beginner-friendly and has linear training curve. We start from the basics and theory of 3D modeling, then we slowly scale up in difficulty. All beginner courses have step by step workflow with real-time videos.

Can I ask questions in case I do not understand something?

Yes you can! We have a Private Discord Channel for everyone enrolled in this course. You can also share your project files, and receive an in-depth feedback on your progress in one of our weekly/monthly review videos in Class Six. That way you can be sure you are on the right track.

Can I download the videos or is this online only training?

This is online training that contains videos, writen text and images. Project files are available for downlaod.