Hello everyone.

Here I wanna talk about few new things that I´m hoping to do. So from next week I do plan to go back to my old schedule and upload 10-30min tutorials on weekly basis.

Starting from using splines in 3D modeling, and use of Hair in same environment. Actually, most of the content from now on will be related either to modeling, sculpting and/or texturing. I started this site based on After Effects and After Effects tutorials, but I´m afraid I won´t be investing as much time in that area as I used to. Time has come to explore different areas, go outside of my comfort zone and try something new.

I had this hidden passion for concept art, and having background in drawing, I thought it could be a good time to start on a new direction. As you might have noticed, I stared to upload more 3D modeling content lately and I really enjoy it, but also makes me happy hearing your feedback, and seeing you like the content so far. All I learned, I learned by making these tutorials, and by sharing it with you people. We did all this together.


So if I´m leaving After Effects behind, what content you can expect from now on? Well here it goes.

We´ll continue with Cinema 4D, but also will add two new tools to our list. ZBrush and Substance Painter.

I´ve been playing with both for a good amount of time now, but I did´t publish anything online so far. Since I had few questions and requests from you guys on sculpting and texturing, I thought this could be a good timing for both.


So there you go.


In case you have any questions, or you have a specific topic you would like me to cover, you can either leave it in the comment section, or contact me personally.


Thank you again for your great support guys!


Until next time,


  1. As isaacB said i hope that you meke a solid tutorial on Substance Painter and how to use it with Cinema 4D or even with Arnold plugin.

  2. Great tutorial on modelling Mario! Just finished it and learned a lot of things about workflow and specific tips, thanks!

  3. Hallo Mario ist leider immer noch keine Mail gekommen. Weil ich wollte später auch noch dein Tutorial kaufen.

    Lieben Gruss

  4. Hallo Mario Super Tutorial, genial gemacht Hut ab! Toll das Du die Tutorials machst weiter so hoffe es werden noch viele kommen. Wollte mich bei Dir anmelden unter Join The Element bekomme leider kein Mail zurück.

    • Danke, das freut mich! Warte einfach noch ein bisschen (sollte in der nächsten Stunde kommen) und wenn du keine E-Mail bekommst, melde dich nochmal, dann nehme ich dich auf.

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