How do I access Discord?

To make sure every student gets help with their work, Discord access is limited to students only. Invite link can be found under the class banner. Please note that Discord is a support channel for courses purchased only through elementza.com

How can I create an account?

User accounts will be auto-created on checkout based on the information provided.

Prices are listed in Euros, can I still pay with US dollars or any other currency?

Yes, of course. The value will be translated into the currency of your country of residence.

Are the courses one time payment? Do I get Lifetime Access?

Yes, all courses are one-time payment, with lifetime access. Once you buy them, they do not expire. You can access the content anytime you wish.

If I purchase the course, can I ask questions in case I get stuck?

Yes, you can. We have a very active and friendly Discord community where anyone can share questions, project files, or final projects for more exposure.
All courses have support included so you will not learn alone.

Are there subtitles available for video tutorials?

No, unfortunately at this moment there are no subtitles available for our videos.

Where can I download the videos?

All videos both in courses and tutorial sections are for online viewing only.

Do the courses expire or have a limit how long can I watch them?

Courses are lifetime access, and they will not expire. You can watch them anytime as long as you have a stable internet connection.

I applied a coupon code to a Bundle but it is not working!

Bundles are excluded from codes and discounts as they already contain reduced offers.

Why am I charged VAT?

If you’re a customer from the EU, we have to charge you VAT based on the country’s rate. If you’re VAT registered, you simply need to type your VAT number at checkout and you will not be charged.

My order is Processing. When can I access the content?

You can access the content immediately after the purchase via My Account page, even if your order is Processing.

Would buying a course get me a student version of Autodesk Maya?

No, we do not provide the student versions of Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D.

Can I get a discount code?

If you sign up for our newsletter, there is a promo code available. Bundles are excluded from any coupons as they already contain reduced prices.