ED 209 is a self-initiated personal project I decided to do for fun.
The goal of the project was to translate the original design into modern automotive design language with a wider chassis that may appeal not only to corporate and militarty setting but also private high paying security.

I aimed for a fluid and sleek design that minimized exposed cables and pistons, to allow for easy replacement of joint-translated data components.

Focus was also on to make ED 209 look intimidating, yet somehow familiar. Some inspiration was taken from designs we see on the streets and incorporated iconic elements from the original design, such as the absence of eyes. However, I’ve also added the option to include frontal lights that can either serve as a friendly warning or red lights as a final warning before taking action.

All parts are imagined as easily replaceable for repair and maintenance, but also to allow different variants if that is the client’s request. Either outer armor shells, frontal grill texture or weapon configuration.

Light Blue Version
Black Version
Tactical Green Version
Leg Isolated
Raw Maya Viewport