Hello everyone,

so first I would like to thank to all of you for your great and awesome feedbacks I received recently. My goal is to create more and more content and share it with you guys.

Regarding the content, I have few updates to share. As you might have noticed last week there were no new videos published. I try to do regular weekly updates, but I took some time to explore and experiment for new future content I wanna offer here.

For some time now I wanted to go more into modeling and sculpting, so I just went into it finally as you can see in this example.


cinema4d Modeling


So to break it all down, this month most likely there won´t be any full length tutorials. Not until August I would say. In the meantime I will try to gather a larger section of tutorial topics focused on following:


– Hard surface modelling techniques in Cinema4D
– Sculpting in Cinema 4D (maybe Zbrush later as well)
– Texturing and lighting the scene
– Covering BodyPaint 3D and texturing and painting our sculpts


These are the points I will cover in next months to come, with straight to the point tutorials.

Until then, I will be publishing some quick tips here and there most likely on the same subject, but not in narrated form.

As for some of you interested in new templates and free content, there will be one more addition to free library this month, that is for sure, and as for the template files, 2-3 new templates will be available through June.

That wraps it up for now I guess, and see you next time.

Thank you all for your support and feedback once again guys, you are awesome!



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