Character Concept art in C4D

Created with: Cinema 4D R18 Prime
Video Tutorial Resolution:
Course Duration: 8 hours
More advanced techniques are covered.
Tutorial assets: 21 project files. The final model is included.
Format: Online Streaming Course

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Hello everyone!

In this tutorial, we´re going to cover the process behind the creation of a character concept from just an idea, to final image render. In this 8 hour session, you will learn how to approach a character 3D model design and deal with situations and challenges that one project of this scale could hold.

Breakdown video of the complete process in this tutorial.
What are the topics?

Here are general topics covered in this tutorial.

Developing the idea, character role and features.
Getting introduced to Doodle tool in Cinema4D.
Creating base forms and features of the character.
Going through a revision process on our current model.
Creating details on established features.
Working with materials in the scene.
Going through another revision and working on necessary changes.
Preparing the model for render.
Rendering final image in Arnold (Note: this is not full in depth Arnold tutorial)
There are 21 project files included with this tutorial, in case you would like to follow along or try and recreate the process. Final model, Arnold materials and final scene are included.

Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced

Introduction Video

Setting up references
What is Doodle Tool
Shape Blockout Part 1
Shape Blockout Part 2
Creating the shoulder details
Creating chest details
Creating neck details
Working on final adjustments
Setting up materials and render with Arnold

Shape blocking parts of this course are slightly sped up. Introduction video covers the main tools used during that phase. Remaining parts of the course are recorded in real time.

Common questions

I am beginner to 3D modeling, could I follow along this tutorial and still understand?

Depending on your level of understanding basic modeling tools, you could follow along yes. But if you are not familiar with 3D modeling basics, I recommend going through my free series Introduction to 3D Modeling first, before starting this one. Here we go bit more into advanced techniques and if you are not familiar with the the basics, you might feel lost.

How good explained is this tutorial? Is there commentary?

Yes, there is commentary. I do narrate what I do, but I also assume you are familiar with basic modeling tools.

Do I need Cinema 4D r18 for this tutorial? Or can I follow along with earlier versions like r17?

If you own Cinema 4D r17 or earlier, some tools might be different (knife tool became cut tool in r18), so again it highly depends on your ability to adapt to the certain situation during our modeling process.

I work in 3dsMax and/or Maya. Can I still follow this tutorial?

Some tools are very similar so the difference is very small. Many techniques covered here can be translated to 3D software like Maya or 3dsMax. If you already have technical skills in any 3D software, you should be able to catch up, yes. However, project files that come included can be opened only with Cinema 4D.

How many lessons are there? How long is each lesson?

There are 8 Chapters in total. Two are around 2 hours, the rest are around 20-40mins each.

Will I be getting final project file?

Yes. There are 22 project files included.

Will we be learning texturing and rendering too?

I will be covering the very basic use of Arnold in this tutorial, so there are no complex material explanations.


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