Present your work!

Show your work in best possible light.
Here you will find an example of the presentation

Portfolio Ready Projects

The ultimate goal of the training is to establish strong 3D modeling skills.
To get there, our task is going to be to recreate the motorbike, and the render scene as close as possible to the images below. 

Final result is going to be first portfolio presentation.

By completing the project, we´ll demonstrate our skill level, ability to focus and ability to read shapes, but also show our ability recreate complex objects.

Project Based Assignment

Project based assignment will be our ultimate test.
Once we´ve completed the motorbike, we´ll no longer have any video guides.

Instead, we will use our 3D skills to read shapes, and recreate the object as well as the render scene.
The task is to recreate the object and the scene as close as possible to the images below.

The final result will be our second portfolio presentation.

Let´s do this :)