Maya for Beginners

Created with: Maya 2019
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Course Duration:
3 hours
Very beginner friendly
Tutorial assets: 
10 project files. The final model is included.
Online Streaming Course

19 €

Hello everyone!

In this tutorial series, we´re going back to very basics and cover the process of creating a camera and earphones in Maya. In this 5 hour session, you will learn how to approach a 3D model creation and deal with situations and challenges that one project of this size could hold.

All lessons are recorded in real-time, and there is step by step explanation of each action. I included my original files as well, in case you wish to follow along on the same saves I´m using.

Camera Workflow
Earphone Refinement
What are the topics?

Getting familiar with basic modeling tools in Maya
Preparing our shapes.
Planning our modeling workflow.
Establishing primary shapes and general landmarks.
Establishing secondary shapes.
Preparing the model for the detail stage.
Detailing and finalization

There are project files included with this tutorial, as well as my custom user interface. This will allow you easier interaction and progress through this course.

Camera Video Content
  • Introduction
  • Blockout [16:31min]
  • Refinement [34:49min]
  • Refinement [24:14min]
  • Supportive Edges [40:33min]
  • Finalization [32:45min]
  • Overview [14:53min]
Earphone Video Content
  • Blockout [27:24min]
  • Refinement [24:03min]
  • Details [26:26min]
  • Creating Cables [22:22min]
  • Finalization [26:16min]
  • Spiral Geometry [29:57min]
Let´s do this!
Common questions

I am beginner to 3D modeling, could I follow along this tutorial and still understand?

Yes, absolutely. This is very beginner friendly 3D modeling course.

How good explained is this tutorial? Is there commentary?

Yes, there is realtime commentary, and I explain everything I do.

I work in 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Blender. Can I still follow this tutorial?

Some tools are very similar so the difference is very small. Many techniques covered here can be translated to 3D software. If you already have technical skills in any 3D software, you should be able to catch up, yes. However, project files that come included can be opened only with MayaCinema 4D.

Will I be getting final project file?

Yes, you will be able to download all project files.


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