3D Modeling Course for Beginners in Maya
Covering 3D Modeling in Maya, Rendering in Arnold and UV Mapping

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by!

The 3D Modeling Course presented above is made for anyone just starting out with 3D modeling. If you just started, and Maya seems intimidating, don´t worry, we´ll make it less scary and more approachable. The truth is, Maya 3D Modeling tools are very powerful and once you get used to them, your workflow will be much faster.

To get started with 3D modeling in Maya, we´ll go very slow, and cover as many topics as we can. To get the maximum out of it, feel free to take your time and repeat the parts that might seem hard or complicated.

I´ve shared a final 3D model in case you would like to practice rendering and UV mapping.

In this 3D modeling course we´re going to cover the following topics.

  • Creating a concept and the idea
  • Planning our topology
  • Topology clean up
  • Subdivision and details
  • Finishing up the model
  • Rendering Basics
  • UV Mapping Basics
Bonus floor tip

To get more interesting contrast in the scene, we can also do the following.
Please note you´ll need to have Megascans Bridge installed and connected to Maya.

  1. Select the floor and open Megascans Bridge
  2. Select the texture, and while floor is selected, click Export.
  3. Adjust the Displacement values, while floor is selected.
  4. Optional (Set ColorCorrection node in the diffuse to adjust saturation).
  5. Color Correction Node will come in the middle of 2 nodes shown in the image.
Floor Texture & Final Model
3D Modeling Course Texture
1. Select the floor.
2. Export the texture
3. Adjust the discplacement value
4. Adjust the contrast
I hope you enjoyed the class :)
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