Hello everyone,

here I would like to talk about some of the common issues that may arise if you’re just beginning with modeling, or trying to get into it more seriously.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I will try to gather parts of information that I might have missed from my video tutorials, and post it here as articles. Also please apologize if my English is not perfect, I´m sure there are some mistakes made.

Now with that out of the way, let’s begin.

Let me explain what do I mean by beginner struggles. Well, you´ve just opened C4D (or any other software), and finally feel ready to create something on your own after watching all those tutorials. As you begin, you will probably feel like not sure where to actually start. Or even if you´ve made some progress, you still might feel stuck and not even sure how to continue.

So why is this happening? Even if you watched all these tutorials, something still feels off, right?

Idea problem

If you struggle with your own model idea, probably the best thing would be to make a step back and open that tutorial again. Here is why.

The first time perhaps you just watched the tutorial without actually recreating the model. If that is the case, maybe this time you should try to follow along. Because there the idea is already established, and the whole puzzle has fully been solved. All the edges, forms, creases etc. No struggles on where to begin.

Now, in case you already did follow along, and still feel stuck on where to begin, try to recreate the model from the tutorial with video turned off. Recreate it just from your memory and from what you remember seeing. This can be something really small, like any video from my kitbash series for example. They are fairly simple in visual terms to remember, and they do not have many moving parts.

The benefit of all this replay and repeat stuff is that you´re actually building your let’s call it “visual library” of edge flows, detail positioning, design choices etc. So when it comes to creating your own model from scratch based on your own idea, you should already have enough material in your “visual library” to know what goes where and how to solve the quad problems or deformations.

Edge flow problem

Now, that second part.

You feel stuck after a while and not sure how to continue after certain progress is made. This usually comes after a part when you wanna subdivide the whole model, and make it all nice and smooth. The problem that comes here most likely is connected to edge flows. Meaning, edges are not following in the direction where you would like to see nice bevelling or more details, and you’re not sure how to fix it.

So again we come to the same thing. What you need again is more material in your “visual library.”

More of the examples how certain things are solved. You probably don’t wanna hear this but, you guessed it. Pick a new tutorial and follow along.

Then try to recreate the form on your own one more time. Only from memory. But this time, if and when you get stuck, you can always load the same tutorial, see how the edges you’re struggling with are solved and continue. Bit by bit you will make that progress, where while not even noticing, new forms will appear without even trying. It will just come naturally.

Final thoughts

Now, why am I writing all this?

I’ve seen many examples sent to me via email or facebook asking “what am I doing wrong”, where basically one small piece of the puzzle is missing. It is either supportive edges are missing, or mesh is very heavy at an early stage, so of course, I can understand the frustration when you can not realize what you originally imagined.

Guys, all that is written here comes from my own experience, cause I went through the same struggles. I´m self-taught and I watched only two 3dsmax tutorials over and over again. There were not many C4D tutorials, and if there where I was not aware.

This is something that helped me. It might work differently for you. Follow your instinct if you feel there are better ways. This is only a part of my experience that I wanted to share.

Patience is the big keyword here. It can take some time until you feel truly confident in your skills. There will come a time where you would only need to see a model and already can deconstruct its mesh by only looking at it.

Hope there was some useful information here for you, and I truly wish you all success!
I´ll catch you next time when we talk about the importance of practice.

That´s it for now guys, until next time!



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