Hello everyone!


So there haven´t been any new content in past few weeks, and I´m sorry about that, but currently I´m working on what I think is my most ambitious tutorial yet.

We will be taking a look into modeling again, but this time modeling for concept art in specific. It´s gonna be a big topic, we´re gonna build a sci fi mech design integrating hard surface sub-d modeling and non sub-d modeling, and how to utilize hair for dynamics, etc.

Product as a model was already done, but I thought it was not fit to be published. So I wanted to go back into it again and bring a session that actually helps you follow this sort of a topic and understand why we take certain steps. Just did not wanted to publish a content for content sake, but wanted to focus on quality instead.

Main tutorial will be checkpoint based, meaning you can always load the same file I´m working on and follow along fluidly, and take a closer look into the mesh. Final model and renders will be included as well.


One final thing to mention is, this will be a premium tutorial meaning it will be a paid one. Simply cause of the scope of the project and the content offered.

If you would have interest in such a topic, make sure you go over my Introduction to modeling series, as here we´ll go bit more advanced, using mostly shortcuts, and we´ll assume we already covered the very basics.


That is all form me now, but during next few days I will post some stills from this tutorial.

See you soon guys!