Hey guys and girls,

long time no posts here. For a while now I´ve been preparing this tutorial in between client work, but now finally have time to focus on it 100% and make it done.

I´m close to final stage of the design, then I have roughly 30 hour commentary to record on this process.
For those of you wondering, this will not be “watch me work” type of video with parts skipped, but instead I have over 40 project files for you prepared. Each video will have its own project file to it so we can work together on each piece of the model.


There are various topics I wanted to cover, so to name a few, we´ll take a look how to manage hair module, spline wrap and cloner module to work for us and make things simpler. Also we´ll be modeling fully in quads so again video lessons, and techniques used to achieve final polished mesh without distortions, should be easy enough to follow.

So, common question “I´m a beginner in 3D modeling, will I be able to follow along?”. Yes… and no. I am working slow here, and will try to explain the process, but we will be using a lot of shortcut commands etc which can be confusing to a complete beginner. I would recommend going through my free training on Introduction to model in in Cinema4D before venturing into this one.

Full tutorial session should be available by end of March with roughly 30 hours of training.


Talk to you again soon.